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Norway is right next door to Denmark. Right? Not exactly, first you have to go by ferry. But still – reasonably nearby.

So I went with my friend Michael to see what Norway had to offer. And documented the whole 4-day-long endeavour elsewhere. You see, I’ve acquired a route-planning-tool named MyRouteApp that lets me plan ahead and record actual path ridden along with photos, integrated storytelling-function, group/event managing and whatnot. So, this trip to Norway became a first test of MRA’s capabilities. Here’s an excerpt from the story to whet your appetite:

Up the 27 hairpins, fully laden. Further up into the white and by now even colder and wet landscape, which to my surprise continued ascending into something I’d imagine could be Mars. No people, no houses, no trees, no shrubbery. For miles on end. Just snow, granite, a light drizzle from above and the wet tarmac, suggesting we procede gingerly to avoid mishaps.

So, without further ado, click here to see my MRA-recorded Norway travel story.

If you’re the planning-ahead type of person, you may want to take a look at MRA. It sure is good at that; planning.

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