Citroën CX

Citroën CX

The magic flying carpet of automobiles.

I’ve had a couple of these over the years, and they’ve always ended up rusting away. Much to my discontent – but that’s french mid-eighties-cars for you right there…

Old posts on the CX can be found here, in case you fancy a walk down memory lane.

The drive, though, is something to experience.

And now, I’ve got something brewing… But don’t hold your breath, because this will take time. And all my wits. Literally – this is a project not for the faint of heart.

Lurking in the shadows – waiting to be rediscovered.

March 28, 2021. Something’s happening:

February ’23: Pictures from a slow progress from ’21 to ’23:

Loads of goodies for the driveway mechanic: