Frame rebuild – take #1

Frame rebuild – take #1

So I wanted to go riding the bloody thing. That required me to stick the engine onto the frame – and then a few other minor details like wheels, lighting, license plate and such. Little did I know what I was in for…


Largely untouched apart from cleaning and internal repaint with Hammerite anti-rust. Given the enormous 1 bhp engine output, the frame remains surprisingly true and my only gripe with this part has been seized bolts.

Front fork

Take the suspension apart and smother internals with grease. I could do with a pair of new fork legs – but the OE’s will have to do for now.

Rear swinging arm

Link seems to be solid. Move on…


Disassembly. Clean drum brake housings + replace linings. Reasssemble + grease. Surprisingly easy.

Handlebar assembly

This bit is somewhat of a headache, as it’s a thing I’ve devised myself and had a mate weld up. Definitely not OE quality. Definitely not OE function. But it still looks better than the OE collapsible monstrosity. At some point I’d like to replace it with a CT70 trail handlebar assembly from the mid-80’es, which is what the current DIY bits aim to replicate. Oh well, silver rattle-can-paint to the rescue for now.


New headlight reflector. Exchange all bulbs to 12V. Done.

Stand & sidestand

OE sidestand and footrests deteriorated beyond repair. Replacement OE kit unobtainable. Okay, let’s try with a chinese knock-off.

Again; crap. OK solid, but so big I end up putting it into the blacktop on cornering. OTOH I now have a centre stand…


Needs a replacement. Bodged up the existing – now for the third time. A proper OE replacement costs a fortune 🙁


Needs work. Postponed, as the existing seat will do its job and I have no intention of riding in rain.

Chrome, fenders and bling

Polished up what could be rescued, replaced what couldn’t. Definitely not cheap, but since chrome is a central part of the bike’s expression, it had to be done.

There’s just so much chrome – more area than on a modern-day car I should think.

Oh, what joy it is to mirror yourself in these ridiculously flash fenders. Proper ones, not the ugly (both shape and colour) german types.