Honda CB500

Honda CB500

This is my very first motorbike. It came to be this one because I’d ridden one like it while taking driving-lessons.

It’s definitely no show-pony. Actually, this model was made by Honda to serve as a medium-size commuter/courier/learner bike, with an emphasis on being sturdy and easy to get along with – no surprises anywhere. Obviously, being a Honda it was made better than other bikes and carried a bigger price tag as a consequence of that. Yet, it sold very well. And being a Honda, its hidden qualities were soon discovered by people. It’s been around the world as an expedition bike. It’s had its own race-series. And countless driving-schools have relied on it to patiently endure newcomers’ antics as they learn.

Oh well – I bought one and drove it straight to MoT, which it passed with no remarks or advisories.

After a period of getting to know each other, I took it touring. Yes, everyday commuting has been its job too, but the real fun happens at vacation time.

I went to Harz with a mate I found on a forum.

I went to England to visit a mate I had met on a forum.

I went to southern France alone, passing the must-succeed-test to join ranks with the IronButt Association as I did.

Moved on to Italy to see Stelvio & co.

I went to Romania to see a friend – and the fabled Transfagarasan route crossing the Carpathian mountain range.

France and Italy again to supply transportation services for me & the missus as we rode along Cote d’Azur.

Then on through the maritime Alps and home again, visiting POIs all the way. A total distance of 80.000 km in 7 years. And counting.

This bike just keeps on going.

Still, I’ve at some point found I could do with a bit more of everything. Wind protection. Luggage space. Grunt. So the CB had a sibling in the spring of 2020. This by no means indicate it’s being retired, but a less stressful life lies ahead. Its sibling – a Honda Blackbird – will be taking on the long-haul stuff going forward.