Site update – structure as well as content
Site update – structure as well as content

Site update – structure as well as content

I’ve discovered that what you see here is actually a nice way of showing off my somewhat geeky interests and the outcomes of – well, life as it unravels. How I tackle everyday mechanical issues and what it tells the reader about who I am.

The thing is – my company (actually, a particular site; a minor part of the big organization) I’ve worked for for 20 years got terminated. Long story, related to an activist investor causing a stir, a CEO making a tough decision and a few thousand people being laid off. Anyways, 25 people on my location got terminated – me included.

Oh well.

Moving on, one must now demonstrate one’s prowess to attract potential employers. Can’t do that properly in a CV or a motivation letter – not enough space to work with. I get it; employers and the people in HR are busy, meaning applicants must keep to the point or get shoved aside. Being ‘all-business’ is an asset in that context.

Yet, to offer those following the link I provide to this site a chance to ‘surf Martin’ and get an impression on a more relaxed level, a site reorganization was needed. It was long overdue anyway, as this particular website-install (WordPress) sports no more than four ‘top level subjects’, meaning I’d be limited to four subject on display.

Reorganization needed. It took a few days and I’m still not done. Mostly because this has exposed quite a number of interesting topics for which I have no material to show. Yet.

So, there it is; the site has now been reorganized, sorted by category.

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